Science Experiments – Fluoride Strengthens Teeth

Science Experiments

Fluoride Strengthens Teeth

Materials Needed

  • Two hard-boiled eggs
  • Fluoride gel or solution, 4 oz to 6 oz
  • Three clean plastic containers
  • Several cans of dark soda
  • Water

1) Place a hard-boiled egg in one of the plastic containers and cover it with the fluoride gel or solution. Let the egg soak in the fluoride for twenty-four hours. Remove the egg and rinse it with water. 2) Place this “treated” egg in one of the two remaining clean containers, and place the “untreated” egg in the other. 3) Cover both eggs with dark soda. Change the solution every 12 hours for two days.

The “untreated” egg will begin to dissolve slightly, and the shell will become stained by the dark soda. The “treated” egg should not show a reaction until much later. The conclusion could be drawn that the use of fluoride helps strengthen teeth and protect them from decay.

Note: With any science experiment, an adult should be present for supervision and safety.

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