New Patient

Welcome to the wonderful world of My Child’s DDS with Dr. Jim Burchett and team!

We look forward to meeting you and your child at their first appointment.  Before you come in, we thought you might appreciate knowing a little bit about us and getting an idea about what you can expect during your visit.

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Dentist Office

We may be a little different than dentists you’ve had in the past. We believe that achieving and maintaining healthy teeth and gums takes a team effort and that you play as big a role as we do in reaching that mutual goal. Our goal is to provide a comfortable and enjoyable visit for your child in a warm and friendly environment with state-of-the-art equipment.

O’Fallon Parents Love
My Child’s DDS

Parents are to relax in the reception room during their child’s visit. We feel it’s important for your child to build a one-on-one relationship with the dental team. We believe it helps build confidence and positive behavior. For smaller children or children with special needs, you may be invited back to the chair for additional assistance. Whatever your child’s dental woes are – we will partner with you to develop a comfortable solution with your child’s best interests in mind.We’re excited to welcome you to our world of bright and happy smiles!

Welcoming New Pediatric Patients to our O’Fallon Dental Office

During your first visit, your child will be introduced to our staff. Next, we’ll examine and count your child’s teeth. We may clean their teeth and apply fluoride. We’ll check their bite, and if possible, we will take X-rays. If you have been referred to us, we will examine your child’s teeth for decay and take X-rays only if needed. Your child will receive lots of praise to build a positive dental experience and confidence to encourage positive behavior.